Thursday, May 27, 2010

I just watched the interview of Kris and Shalani Soledad in the Buzz and I was so kilig! Which bring me to the possibility of having Shalani as a first lady. But according to the interview, Noynoy said that she has to wait 6 years before the marriage has to take place. This made me think and write this open letter to Noynoy.

Dear President Noynoy,

Congratulations on being elected as the 15th President of the Philippines. I know it's not yet official but the Congressional canvassing of votes is just a formality anyway. I know everything will be difficult, but like all presidents before you, you will be subject to increased scrutiny, parody or even hatred. Because we Filipinos are veterans on passing the blame, or thinking that the President has all the solutions. I know that's not true so I'll leave the criticisms to others who would choose to do so.

As a taxpayer, my request for you is to marry Shalani Soledad within the first or second year
of your Presidency. The request might be viewed as celebrity-driven or even outrageous, but it is not. As a taxpayer, I make this request because I don't want my President clouded by his relationship in making decisions vital to the country. The movie "The American President," wherein the girlfriend influenced the President's decision to push for legislation she was fighting for, is still fresh in my mind. Other questions are raised, such as what if they break -up? What if, God forbid, she was kidnapped and used as leverage for some presidential pardon or decision?

I know that these instances can still happen even if she's a wife. But this is magnified because
she is still a girlfriend. As a taxpayer, I would object to her being given Presidential security when the rules state that only family will be given such treatment. If this would be the case, who can ensure that no taxpayer money will be used to woo her or maintain the relationship? At the core of this, Mr President-Elect, is national security.

Also, in the case of Valenzuela City, having her there wielding considerable influence as your girlfriend is like emasculating the mayor. How can the mayor assert his authority to his councilor who is the President's girlfriend? Having Shalani as a wife will firmly establish her responsibilities as first lady instead.

I know this request might be off limits because this already touches on your personal life, Mr.
President-Elect. But I urge you to consider this plea. You need to ask yourself if she's the
one or not. If she is, marry her and make her official. It would be great to have a Presidential wedding and it would be the best public relations campaign for you as well.If she's not the one, then let her go to someone else more deserving to make her happy.

I wish you all the best in your 6-year term. May you bring about the change that Filipinos have
been hoping for.

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